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Ray Bourque, former hockey star, gets a year of probation for OUI

California hockey fans might be interested in learning that Ray Bourque, a former star of the Bruins, was recently sentenced to spend one year on probation after being sentenced for an operating under the influence conviction in Andover, Massachusetts. Bourque also reportedly lost his license for 225 days.

Sources report that Bourque collided with a van while driving his Mercedes June 25. While no one was injured, the van that was involved in the collision was damaged. Bourque initially entered a not-guilty plea June 27, but he changed that and admitted that there were sufficient facts to convict him July 6, which is counted as a guilty plea.

According to police reports, Bourque's blood alcohol concentration at the time of the accident registered at .249 percent, which is well over the legal limit of .08 percent. If he completes probation successfully, the OUI conviction will not enter onto his record and will be dismissed. Bourque was inducted into the hall of fame for hockey in 2004.

When a person is charged with driving while intoxicated, he or she may face the possibility of license suspension, substantial fines and other penalties. As Bourque's case shows, it is sometimes possible to negotiate a plea that is favorable even when a person's blood alcohol concentration is very high or there is an accident. People who are facing DWI charges may want to consult with a criminal law attorney about the options they might have in their individual cases. A lawyer may identify all of the possible defenses in order to try to secure the most favorable outcome possible for his or her client.

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