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March 2016 Archives

The details regarding breath testing equipment

The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration while operating a vehicle in California and other states is .08 percent for those over 21, and motorists above this limit could face charges for driving under the influence. Law enforcement agencies attempt to find out BAC by conducting blood or breath tests. Blood testing is more accurate, but Breathalyzers and other breath testing equipment allow the police to measure BAC in the field.

Tree stuck in car grille results in DUI detention

California residents may have seen images of a car with a 15-foot tree lodged in the front. The photos were displayed on the Facebook page of an Illinois police department and received thousands of shares. The vehicle was reported after being observed by another motorist. The woman who drove the vehicle was pulled over in Roselle, Illinois, and she reportedly acknowledged hitting the tree in another town. However, she apparently could not remember the exact location of the accident.


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