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Technology advancements that could help you avoid a DUI

If you're like most people across the nation then you are probably actively trying to avoid getting a DUI. That's because you, like many people, know how damaging even just one drunk-driving charge can be. Add subsequent DUIs to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster.

Most people say that the easiest way to avoid a DUI is to not drink and drive. But if you have an alcohol addiction or miscalculate how long it's really been since your last drink, sometimes avoidance is harder than it seems. That's why, in today's blog, we wanted to point out a few technological advancements that could turn out to be far more beneficial when it comes to avoiding drinking and driving.

Self-driving cars. Though still a few years away from mass production, self-driving cars offer people a great way to get their vehicle and themselves home without getting pulled over for a DUI. Of course, state laws would need to address the fact that pressing the start button on one of these vehicles may constitute exerting control of the vehicle, which is grounds for drunk-driving charges in many states.

Personal Breathalyzers. Sold by some major retailers as well as online, personal breath tests are another handy piece of technology that could help mitigate a person's chances of a DUI because it eliminates the guess work for determining intoxication. It's important to point out though that some personal Breathalyzers may not be 100 percent accurate, which could lead to accidental drunk driving for some people.

Alcohol detection systems built into vehicles. Headed up by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a program that is looking to develop alcohol detecting sensors that can be installed directly into all vehicles. Similar to ignition interlock devices, but hopefully less conspicuous, the alcohol detecting sensors would give drivers a better idea of their BAC before choosing to drive. Like self-driving cars though, this technology is still a ways out.

As some of our more frequent readers already know, second and third DUIs can be incredibly damaging as they can lead to steep fines, lengthy stays in jail and even the suspension or revocation of your license. But if devices such as the ones we listed above become more mainstream, multiple DUIs may be less likely down the road, which may be good news to those who want to avoid alcohol-related legal consequences.

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