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Doobie Dozen: charges dropped, property slowly returned

Residents of San Luis Obispo understand what others might not: the Doobie Dozen is not a greatest hits collection of a '70s rock band. No, the name refers instead to the 12 people arrested more than four years ago by the SLO County Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force.

Police and prosecutors claimed the Dozen were illegally selling and transporting marijuana with their mobile medical marijuana service that delivered to folks in SLO, Santa Barbara and Monterrey counties. All charges against the Doobie Dozen have been dropped (the last charges were dismissed late in 2014) and seized property is being returned to the one-time suspects.

The property has been sitting in law enforcement authority evidence-holding facilities since the arrests in November 2010, New Times reports. Two of those who were arrested were recently granted permission to pick up their stuff that includes bottles, jars, forms from doctors and, of course, marijuana. The property also includes what are now ancient iPhones.

Because we're not all that far from Silicon Valley, we jumped on our trusty web browser and looked up the price of what was in 2010 a brand-new iPhone 4. Sadly, that phone is down to about 50 bucks on eBay.

While the iPhone owner has a legitimate gripe about having his phone and other property held for years, he is no doubt glad he's finally cleared of all charges and no longer has the possibility of prison hanging over him.

For those facing that harsh possibility, discuss with an experienced SLO criminal defense attorney the circumstances of your arrest and the evidence against you. As you can see from the case we mentioned, charges can be dismissed, and in other situations, criminal allegations can be reduced and favorable pleas negotiated.

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