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May 2015 Archives

When to fear flawed trial testimony

Both individuals who have been accused of criminal wrongdoing and their loved ones may be understandably anxious about the ins and outs of the criminal process. In recent years, the media has done an adequate job of educating the public about many of the flaws that seem to plague the trial process. For example, flaws in the weight of eyewitness testimony, overstated forensic expertise and other testimony challenges are becoming more widely understood.

From here... to eternity... to jail for up to 15 years

Even the most responsible adults do not always make the best decisions. Whether an adult is a young college student or a married parent in his or her 50s, adults are human and can have certain lapses in judgment. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system does not always balance punishments for these judgment lapses with punishment that fit the nature of these infractions. It is therefore important to understand what kinds of consequences you could face for breaking the law in seemingly harmless ways. More information about potential consequences could influence your decision making and save you years behind bars.

Ending civil asset forfeiture in California and nationwide

Most Americans seem to agree that the war on drugs has been unsuccessful in its goals and has caused consequences which few could have predicted. Among these is the practice of civil asset forfeiture. In short, these laws allow law enforcement agencies to seize cash, cars, real estate and other property just by claiming that it has been tied to a crime.

Doobie Dozen: charges dropped, property slowly returned

Residents of San Luis Obispo understand what others might not: the Doobie Dozen is not a greatest hits collection of a '70s rock band. No, the name refers instead to the 12 people arrested more than four years ago by the SLO County Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force.


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