Traffic Violation For Truckers (CDL) Lawyer

A serious traffic violation for truckers can jeopardize the status of any professional motorist's commercial driver's license (CDL).

Has a San Luis Obispo citation for a moving violation, series of traffic citations or criminal charges of drunk driving put your livelihood as a truck driver at risk?

In San Luis Obispo, the defense attorney who works hard to safeguard the interests of CDL holders is Jere N. Sullivan, Jr.

Mr. Sullivan founded his law firm to serve people just like you — hardworking citizens whose livelihoods depend on the status of driving privileges. He brings more than 37 years of experience and a prosecutor's background to the aggressive advocacy you need for positive results.

At the Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., our skilled defense lawyer knows how dramatic the impact of a moving violation can be on your business or employment, and fully understand the need to attempt to reduce your case to a zero point violation. He is particularly aware of law enforcement's monitoring of the 35 miles per hour speed limit on the Cuesta downgrade in San Luis Obispo, and the officers who are assigned to that beat.

Mr. Sullivan investigates the circumstances of the charges against you, negotiates with the law enforcement officer who issued the citation, and does whatever he can to keep you in your truck, and on the road, so you can continue providing for your family.

Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., Protects Your Rights — And Your Commercial Driving Privileges

When you need the skilled assistance of an experienced defense lawyer after receiving a traffic violation that endangers your commercial driver's license, contact us. Your initial consultation is free of charge. Reach our law offices with a local call to 805-543-8869 or toll free at 805-543-8869. We welcome your email message.