Experienced Defense Against Theft Related Charges in San Luis Obispo

Defending your wallet, your freedom and your future from the harm caused by a theft conviction can be a difficult task to face alone. When addressing theft charges, it is important that you have the assistance of an experienced lawyer who understands the charges against you, and how to provide an assertive defense in your behalf.

Practicing law for more than 37 years, and with 28 years in San Luis Obispo County, the Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr. has provided aggressive defense against theft charges for clients in the San Luis Obispo, California, area. With your best interests always in mind, Attorney Sullivan works diligently to limit the damage done by these charges, and limit the fines, jail time and lasting harm caused by a conviction.

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Defending Clients From All Walks of Life

Attorney Sullivan offers assertive defense assistance to clients from all walks of life. Regardless of your social standing or income level, Attorney Sullivan strives to help you protect your future from the harm done by varying theft convictions, including:

  • Misdemeanor petty theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Credit card theft
  • Identity theft
  • Grand theft
  • Agricultural theft

After carefully examining the case against you, Attorney Sullivan offers the informative advice you need to make strong decisions on your defense, in turn giving you the information you need to evaluate your case.

With penalties that range from probation to jail time to potential long term incarceration, a theft conviction can be highly damaging to your life. Attorney Sullivan will work to assist you in proving your innocence if the facts warrant, taking the case to trial or negotiating a plea that allows you to avoid long term damage to your future.

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