Landlord Evictions Lawyer

If non-payment of rent, a breach of a lease or disruptive conduct on your property by a tenant has complicated your job as a landlord or property manager, the attorney who knows how to protect your interests in San Luis Obispo, California, is Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., founder of the Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr.

Since 1990, our experienced landlord evictions lawyer has represented your interests, in negotiations and in court, when a landlord-tenant issue becomes a serious problem, such as a tenant's failure to pay rent on a regular basis, "waste and nuisance," breach of a lease agreement or case of bad behavior.

Our law firm also provides in house process-serving for faster results and dedicated advocacy for landlords in federal bankruptcy court if a tenant were to resort to that tactic to delay the State eviction process.

Jere N. Sullivan, Jr. is recognized by many of his peers as being the most knowledgeable and efficient eviction lawyer in San Luis Obispo County. He understands that a bad tenant is not only costing you time and money, but creates considerable personal stress. His knowledge of eviction procedures makes certain that your case will be handled in the most expeditious manner possible under the law, and his experience and dedication insures that the common errors made by landlords who try to prosecute their own evictions will no be your result.

Has a tenant repeatedly been late with rent payments, damaged property or created a hostile atmosphere in the apartment, town home or condominium complex you own or manage?

Your choice of the correct landlord rights attorney for you can bring the positive results you need. Contact us today by phone or email to secure a free initial consultation.

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