Expungements / Reduction Of Felonies To Misdemeanors Attorney

Are you seeking an expungement of a previous criminal conviction, to clear your record and improve your chances of obtaining employment and housing in California?

In San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas, the skilled lawyer with more than 37 years of experience in handling expungements, and reductions and dismissals of criminal charges, is Jere N. Sullivan, Jr.

With his extensive knowledge of criminal courts and useful background as former Kern County Deputy District Attorney working for you, Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., provides dedicated representation for clients whose professional licenses are affected by a criminal charge. He works hard to negotiate with opposing counsel and reduce felony charges to misdemeanors, and help clean a client's record of past mistakes that could impair job-seeking and the search for a place to live.

In our state, any previous offense can be expunged from a person's record, with the exception of violent crimes or sex crimes considered felonies. Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., knows how important an expungement is to your progress as a productive citizen and advocates aggressively to make your goal a reality. Mr. Sullivan strongly believes that access to the expungement process should be affordable, and as a result, his fees are well below what other lawyers charge for this service.

Do you have questions about the expungement legal process, concerns about how to get a felony reduced to a misdemeanor, or a misdemeanor dismissed entirely? Contact us to arrange your free initial consultation.

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