Drug Offenses

Defending Your Future Against Drug Charges

A conviction on a drug related charge can have a lasting impact on your life, limiting your chances to gain employment, rent an apartment or obtain financial assistance when attending college. Fighting these charges can be a difficult task, and one that should be done with the assistance of an experienced lawyer who understands how to limit the damage caused by a conviction.

Practicing law for more than 37 years, and with 28 years in San Luis Obispo County, the Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr. has provided aggressive defense against drug charges for clients. With your future always in mind, Attorney Sullivan works diligently to prove your innocence or help you negotiate the most favorable plea possible.

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Experienced Defense Against Various Drug Related Charges

Attorney Sullivan works diligently to help you limit the penalties stemming from varying drug charges, including:

  • Possession
  • Possession for sale
  • Distribution
  • Cultivation

His work over the years provides him with the knowledge needed to address crimes relating to various drugs, including marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, LSD, peyote, hashish, OxyContin and prescription drug addiction issues, allowing him to offer the support you need regardless of the charge or drug.

A Proven Approach

With his years of experience, Attorney Sullivan has learned proven defense strategies that can be used to protect your future. He will advocate for reduced charges or alternative sentencing and treatment opportunities, in an effort to help you avoid jail time and a permanent record.

During your criminal proceedings, Attorney Sullivan will ensure that your rights are protected, and will ensure that the prosecution meets its burden of proof against you by either making appropriate court motions, or trying your case. Again, if the case against you is strong, Attorney Sullivan will work to find the best result he can in your case.

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