Protective/Restraining Order Violations Attorney

A criminal conviction for a protective order violation in California can deprive you of rights that many of us take for granted: the legal ability to possess a firearm, to maintain child custody responsibilities after a divorce and to possess a driver's license, among others.

A negative outcome in court could also jeopardize immigration status and put you in jail.

If you are at risk for any of these punishments after a violation of a restraining order is alleged, the experienced criminal defense lawyer who works hard to put this crisis behind you is Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., in San Luis Obispo.

Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., has provided quality representation for clients facing protective order violations and probation violations for more than 37 years. Our law firm's founder is a former deputy district attorney who knows how to get to the facts behind the charges against you and use those facts in skillful negotiations with prosecutors.

Look to Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., for the sound guidance and solid support you need to prevent returning to jail after a family member or other witness accuses you of violating conditions of a protective order. You receive maximum access to our attorney's knowledge, recommendations and personal service throughout the legal process, including prompt answers to any question or concern that may arise.

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