Child Endangerment And Abuse Defense Attorney

Child endangerment charges can interrupt your life in a number of ways: an arrest for DUI while a child is in your motor vehicle, leaving a child alone in a parked car or truck, verbal abuse and hands-on physical abuse, to name just a few.

Have you been criminally charged with child endangerment in San Luis Obispo County, California?

The experienced child neglect and child abuse defense attorney you need in your corner when the stakes are at their highest is former Kern County Deputy District Attorney Jere N. Sullivan, Jr.

Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., uses his extensive legal knowledge, access to skilled investigative resources and personal service to safeguard your interests throughout the legal process. His prosecutorial background is especially useful when negotiations with state attorneys are necessary to reduce charges or win your freedom outright.

The Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., helps you to provide credible defenses, gives you sound guidance and solid support when any domestic violence complaint is lodged against you, including accusations of child endangerment or a violation of a protective order. You can depend on our full-service criminal law firm to do everything necessary to improve your legal position before, during and after a trial.

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