DMV Hearings / Non-DUI Issues Attorney

Have you been called to a DMV hearing on a matter that is not related to a DUI arrest?

Is the status of your California driving privileges dependent on the outcome of such a hearing?

In San Luis Obispo, CA, the skilled criminal defense lawyer who protects your rights in any legal matter before the DMV is Jere N. Sullivan, Jr.

At the Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., our attorney knows how a client's arrest in a non-DUI situation can impact driving privileges. He is a former prosecutor whose background as Kern County Deputy District Attorney serves him well when speaking to other lawyers on your behalf. And his research into circumstances of past brushes with the law, including complaints of domestic violence, can restore your legal ability to drive in our state.

From start to finish of the legal process, you can expect prompt and honest answers to your questions about any issue that may be addressed at a DMV hearing. Our law firm is as proud of our tradition of attentive personal service as it is of our founder's more than 37 years of experience with advocacy for a wide variety of clients charged with DUI, drug offenses, theft and probation violations.

Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights At DMV Hearings For Non-DUI Issues

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