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A criminal arrest can suddenly endanger a person's freedoms and future, liberties and livelihood.

Are you desperate to receive the skilled assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney while you await a trial in a California state court?

The Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., was founded to help people just like you — with aggressive advocacy, in-depth investigation of your charges, negotiation with prosecutors, affordable bail conditions and forceful litigation that supports your side of the story.

Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., has excelled in safeguarding the interests of clients from all walks of life since 1980. When you walk into his San Luis Obispo law firm to discuss your urgent legal matter, you begin receiving the benefits of Mr. Sullivan's extensive legal knowledge, familiarity with the criminal justice system and recognized reputation for results.

Were you arrested for DUI, a drug crime, domestic violence, theft or elder abuse? Are you fighting serious charges that carry harsh punishments, defending yourself against a probation violation or seeking an expungement that resulted from a previous brush with the law? The Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., founded by a former Kern County Deputy District Attorney, can help.

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