Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are accused of serious criminal offenses — drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, white collar crimes and felony theft, among others — you need experienced defense representation from the time immediately after your arrest and arraignment in Court, to the outcome and beyond, if precious rights are to be protected and harsh punishments avoided.

The Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., safeguards those interests against life-changing charges every day in San Luis Obispo County and Northern Santa Barbara County (Santa Maria) of California.

Since 1977, Jere N. Sullivan, Jr. has seen criminal law work effectively from several important perspectives, as former Deputy District Attorney in Kern County and pro tem judge. He knows how prosecutors think and stays one step ahead of them, to your benefit, countering their strategies with timely tactics of his own.

As your defense lawyer, Mr. Sullivan uses his wealth of experience, comprehensive command of criminal law, harmonious relationships with prosecutors and law enforcement, attentive personal service and reputation for positive results to increase your chances for success.

Mr. Sullivan prides himself on giving honest evaluations to clients. Unlike many lawyers, He will not attempt to predict the outcome of a case unless he has enough of the facts available to him to do so. He will advise you of what he believes he can accomplish for you, and what he thinks are realistic goals. Sometimes more importantly, when he is not yet in a position to provide you with an opinion, he will tell you exactly that. He believes you need a criminal defense lawyer who is dedicated to making sure you are properly represented, and one of the most important aspects of that representation is a forthright assessment of your situation.

Are your freedoms, finances and future hinging on the outcome of a trial in state court?

Are you facing the dramatic consequences in the aftermath of your second or third drunk driving arrest, or seeking strong voice at a DMV hearing, where your driver's license is at risk over a non-DUI issue?

Is a spouse, ex-spouse or someone whom you have or had a relationship, accusing you of domestic violence, or have other family members falsely accusing you of a protective order violation, child endangerment or physical abuse of an elder?

Are you in need of prequalification for affordable, attorney-friendly bail until your case comes to trial?

Whether your compelling legal issue is a probation violation that could send you back to jail, an expungement to clear your record, a reduction of your felony charges to a misdemeanor or a traffic violation serious enough to threaten your career as an interstate trucker, contact Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., today to arrange the free consultation that could turn your life in a positive direction.

Our law firm also offers its quality representation to landlords in disputes with tenants, including evictions matters.

Experienced, Aggressive Criminal Defense For San Luis Obispo, CA, Clients

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